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Dave Glick: Pizza Guy, Computer Guy, Website Guy, Business Coach.

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Dave Glick began his small business career in 1982 at the tender age of 21 years old. His dad helped him purchase a pizza restaurant in a small town in Arizona by taking out a second mortgage on his house. After a rocky start in the previously established business that had a bad reputation in the small town, Dave made a success out of it. By 1984, the little pizza place that could began making money. By 1990, Dave was looking into expanding his business.

After 23 years in the pizza business, Dave called it quits in 2005 and went full time into the computer repair/business IT business. Although he began that business in 1997 as a side business, he still ran that business for a total of 20 years until 2017.

Over the course of that 20 years, Dave discovered that web design and Internet marketing for small businesses was another area of extreme interest and he began helping businesses with those needs. He really enjoyed doing that and it was extremely rewarding to him to help small business owners become more successful due to his efforts.

In 2017, Dave made the decision to help small business owners with their businesses, websites, and Internet marketing full time, and left the computer repair/business IT business behind him.

Dave now helps small business owners full time by coaching them and designing and marketing their websites. Dave can help you with any one, two, or all three of those services as he excels at all of them. Give him a try today – you will be impressed with his communicative abilities as well as his uncanny business insight and his sense of humor.

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