How to Own and Operate a Successful Small Business: What I Learned From 35 Years in Small Business (Hard Copy)

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Smart business people say that if you invest $1 and you get back $2, that was a wise investment. Do you think that if you invest $30 and get back $1,000 that will be a wise investment?

This $35 book will provide you with answers you need to help you succeed in your small business. I guarantee the tips in this book will save you not hundreds but many thousands of dollars because of the insight it provides. You’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes while also getting phenomenal ideas to implement that will save you time, money, heartache, and relationships. Your business is your life! Nurture it and get your best chances of success with the down-to-earth, useful commentaries on business in this book.

It’s also downright interesting to read; not one of those boring dry books that you wish you’d never picked up.

Look – here’s my personal guarantee – if you read through this book and you don’t feel the suggestions and ideas were helpful and can save you at least $1000 in one year of business, I will refund DOUBLE the money you paid for the book!

Do you agree that this will be a VERY good investment, no matter how you slice it? Then what’s stopping you from getting YOUR copy today? Order it now!

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1 review for How to Own and Operate a Successful Small Business: What I Learned From 35 Years in Small Business (Hard Copy)

  1. Seymour Baumgartner

    Great guy great book ….get it if u don’t got one I was employed by Dave when I was younger he really took care of his employees taught me a lot about the restaurant business

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Need a business plan? This book IS the business plan! Write the answers down to all the questions that this book asks. While you’re at it, also write down the questions that come up in your mind while reading it. Your business plan will instantly materialize right in front of your eyes!


1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. Is this the right thing for you to do?
4. Deciding what to sell
5. Making the Transition from Job to Business
6. Time Management
7. Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, or Corporation?
8. Starting Your Business
9. The Real Secrets to a Successful Start
10. Buying Someone Else’s Business
11. Branding and Marketing Your Business
12. Wearing Your ‘Hats’
13. Employees – You Need Them to Make the Big Bucks
14. Restaurants: Risks, and Rewards
15. What Do Your Customers See?
16. Brick and Mortar: Finding the Space
17. Opening Your Brick and Mortar Store
18. Opening a Home-Based Business
19. Buying Into a Franchise
20. Buying Into an MLM
21. You Opened Your Business!! Now What?
22. Accounting for Your Business
23. Owner Burnout
24. Selling Your Business
25. Final Words – The Best Advice You May Ever Get
26. Great Resources

Just Some of the Important Business Answers You’ll Discover in This Book:

1) Thinking about starting a business? How will you decide what type of business to get in?
2) What are the 13 questions you need to answer that will give you the best chances for success in your small business?
3) Discover the true purpose of any business. Think you are selling a product or service? That’s not it!
4) What’s the biggest advantage your small business has over your larger competitors and how can you capitalize on it?
5) Discover the best way to transition from a full time job to a small business, or from one business to another.
6) Discover the best ways to quickly increase your sales and how to employ them.
7) Learn the two biggest secrets to assuring your business has a successful start and avoid being one of the 20% that fails in their first year or one of the 50% in the first 5 years.
8) What are the multitudes of avenues you can use to promote your business, and which are the right ones for your particular business?
9) Discover what will separate you from your competitors and how you make that clear to your potential customers. Ask yourself these 10 important questions to arrive at the answer.
10) What is the percentage rate of satisfied customers you need so you can stay in business? How can you aim to achieve that number?
11) Discover the ONE thing that your customers/patients/clients want most from your business.
12) What is the one thing you need to get from your customer/client/patient before the transaction is completed? Hint: it isn’t money!
13) Discover the ONE most important thing you need in your business for growth, and how to use it to the best of your advantage
14) Discover the ONE most important piece of customer service that is urgently important in retaining customers/clients/patients.
15) What are the the 2 resources that you must juggle at all times to be successful in business?
16) 13 final words that will all but guarantee your business’s success.
17) The book also provides 8 super-helpful resources to further your success!